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About me

Born in Florence in 1971, engineer. My business started after many years of professional experience conducted in numerous sectors of industry and services. My areas of professional experience are related to change management, continuous process improvement, operational management, monitoring and leading key customer service indicators to level of excellence. Since 2003 I have been dealing with Lean as a management method and with which I have accomplished a number of success stories in different business contexts. I have worked with over 80 companies, in over 12 countries around the world, and have trained over 2000 people in Lean, Six Sigma and Continuous improvement methodologies. I have led numerous teams towards the achievement of challenging improvement goals. For over twenty years I have been working as a professional in international contexts and have gained a variety of experiences in the following sectors: aerospace, automotive, clinical-hospital, defense, electromechanical, financial, industrial, manufacturing, mechanical, fashion, nautical, health, oil and gas, services, vending. I am based in Tuscany, I operate throughout Italy and Europe, and I am active as a BQF accredited Master Black Belt, consultant, trainer and coach.

Core values

Customisation of service according to client's needs.

Teamwork with the client and interaction with company resources at all level

Definition of a work plan with clear goals agreed with the customer

Complete service provided with professional competence and strong leadership

Subject areas

  • Lean Manufacturing / Lean production / Lean thinking / Lean office – Lean manufacturing systems
  • Problem Solving / Lean Six-Sigma
  • Quality management
  • Total Productive Maintenance / World Class Manufacturing
  • Supply-chain management: planning / purchasing / operations / production / logistics
  • Corporate strategy and governance
  • Management: Project management, Operations management, Temporary management

Lean Production

Lean Production is a Continuous Improvement methodology focused on adding value to customer. Foundation of this methodology is the identification and elimination of all activities that cause costs without creating value, i.e. ‘wastes’. Lean offers a series of specific tools for each type of waste and is powerful for its rapid and effective application both in the industrial/manufacturing area and in the office/service area. Results are an higher product quality, a faster service with significantly shorter time and lower costs , and a greater competitiveness and flexibility on the market. In this area I have more than 15 years’ experience, as well as many business success stories in applying the following methodologies:

  • Standard Work, Continuous Flow, Cell design

  • SMED, Kanban

  • Visual Management, 5S

  • VSM e process mapping

Problem Solving The Lean six-sigma is a rigorous and systematic Continuous Improvement methodology, based on the use of data and statistical analysis, to measure and improve company performance and reduce process variability. The implementation of the Lean six-sigma methodology is realised through the Define-Measure-Analyse-Improve-Control road map. In business processes, it contributes to strengthen the leadership of the company through:
  • Constant development of Human Resources skills
  • Systematic measurement and analysis of the service level
  • Continuous improvement of internal processes
  • Focus on real customer needs and requirements
Invetory management and supply chain optimization Tools available in this area come from Lean Production techniques applied to Supply Chain management. Results obtained are the levelling and reduction of stocks, a simpler and more punctual scheduling of materials and a consequent reduction in stock shortages.
  • “Kanban” and Reorder Point stock management system
  • Optimization of logistics flows (mapping of value flows)
  • Implementation of the “Material Flow” system
  • Evaluation, support and training of suppliers
  • Development and implementation of “Plan for Every Part” database
  • Optimization of planning and procurement processes
Operations and Production Management The industrial area is the heart of any production company; good management can achieve unexpected results and performance. Years of experience in this area lead to offer clients leadership, coherence, motivation, a sense of team responsibility and determination, which are values that make a company grow. Our intervention’s areas:
  • Temporary management and management consulting
  • Strategic consulting and project management
  • Implementation of Total Productive Mainentance systems
  • Tools for planning production resources (Labor planning, Gantt)
  • Management and coordination of special projects (re-layout, start-up, integration)
  • Development and management of cost reduction projects

My references

“Change. Or others’ choices will change you”​


Group of people working out business plan in an office


Consultancy - In company or remotely

  • Time and frequency tailored to specific customer needs
  • On the field on all our areas of expertise
  • Support for process mapping and reorganisation


  • Training sessions on specific methodology subject in the company or in classroom
  • Individual or group training
  • Effective teaching formulas at all levels with numerous examples and application tips
  • Certification courses


  • Management coaching and team coaching, development of key resources
  • Tracking progress of company and business projects
  • Change management with training and involvement of internal staff

Project Management

  • Team facilitation and leadership session
  • Planning, coordinating and managing company and business projects at operational and strategic level
  • Creation of the right teamwork attitude that will motivate resources towards expected results
  • Planning of goals and time scheduling of the project


The best solution for you My activities are focused on innovation and process optimization. I want to offer my customers an effective support for problem solving, but even more the opportunity to start the road map to improvement and organisation cultural change. In addition to provide an useful service, I want to be a partner in developing ideas, implementing projects to successfully achieve challenging goals. My objective is to guarantee and offer my clients an effective result and a real, lasting added value. You also can have advantage of the flexibility of a customized service, performed externally, which does not impact on structural costs and workloads of internal staff.

Training courses

Lean course - Methodology and applications

Lean is a structured improvement methodology that is applied to any business context with the focus on the creation of value for the recipient of the product or service offered, eliminating waste, delays and process losses

Lean Six Sigma - Green Belt course

The Lean Six Sigma methodology is the synthesis of two globally recognised approaches, Lean and Six Sigma, which aim respectively to eliminate anything that does not generate value for the customer and to reduce process variability in order not to generate bad performance/products.

Lean Six Sigma - Black Belt course

The Lean Six Sigma methodology is the synthesis result of two globally recognised approaches, which aim respectively to eliminate whatever does not generate value for the customer and to reduce process variability in order not to generate bad performance/products.

Lean Six Sigma - Yellow Belt course

The Lean Six Sigma methodology is the synthesis of two globally recognised approaches, Lean and Six Sigma, which aim respectively to eliminate anything that does not generate value for the customer and to reduce process variability in order not to generate bad performance/products.

TPM course - Methodology and applications

TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) is a structured methodology for planning and monitoring the maintenance of production facilities, based on concepts of self-maintenance, preventive and predictive maintenance, achieved with the involvement of all the staff



Andrea Greco


Florence, Tuscany, Italy

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